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Lightweight stud will make construction industry greener

The demands for climate-friendly materials and new solutions are on the rise. Wood Tube is a company that offers the construction and furniture industries a lightweight stud that can contribute to more sustainability. “We wanted to find ways to make better use of the forest resources,” says Kurt Härdig, one of the innovators behind Wood Tube. A few years ago, Kurt Härdig and Patrik Kämpe came into contact with the concept of attaching gypsum boards […]

From idea to commercialization – in less than a year!

Less than a year ago, friends Giselle Esse Hyvönen, Karin Vangstad and Helena Levin started their company MeCovers. In June this year they delivered the first batch of blue skirts to the Central Hospital in Karlstad. Enabling improved personal integrity during healthcare visits is the major driving force behind the company. At the same time, the aim is to offer a disposable yet sustainable product leaving a minimum environmental footprint. “Today, our product is 80 […]

Green graphene creates new opportunities

In the quest for new materials from renewable sources, Bright Day Graphene has found the solution that so many development departments have been waiting for: high-quality graphene – from the forest. In 2010, researchers Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in physics for their discovery of the extraordinary material of graphene*, and since then the interest in the material and its properties has soared. Applications range from material enhancer in running shoes […]

Coffee sacks and sawdust come to life again – as outdoor products

Outdoor equipment company Melker of Sweden introduces new collaboration to take their product range to new sustainable heights. Through close collaboration with coffee producer Löfbergs, power and automation giant ABB, wood supplier Moelven and forestry/paper producer Stora Enso, Melker of Sweden has developed a unique model where the products are locally produced with robot-based large-scale additive manufacturing (3D printing). The products are based on local and bio-based residual products such as Moelven’s sawdust and Löfberg’s […]

Drinor installs pilot machine in Denmark

Thermal dewatering of biomass can be time-consuming and costly, but Drinor has the solution to this problem. Now their pilot machine will be tested in Denmark. “We have the opportunity to see how our technology works in an existing production line, and that’s an important step in the process of launching the zero series to the market,” says Carl Romlin of Drinor. Drinor was founded in 2016, and the same year the company received support […]