The Loop Factory identified as a key player by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

It is in the startups that changes will take place. That is the view of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which has now selected The Loop Factory’s dry-moulded packaging technology Yangi as an important means to reduce the dependency on plastics in the future. The Loop Factory is a company based in Varberg on the Swedish west coast, developing and testing new concepts for future sustainable products and materials. The aim is to become an international […]

Happie Camp – the relaxing road from WWW to the woods

Happie Camp offers a slightly more luxurious eco-camping experience for modern people. After a successful first season, the aim is to start Sweden’s first Hotält chain. For support, the company has turned to Sting Bioeconomy. Are you a city person who does not often explore nature? Is the threshold a bit high for cooking soup on a portable stove, or do you not feel comfortable camping close to other people at a campsite? Then Hotält […]

Circular technologies in the textile industry gain momentum

How can cellulosic textile fibres from sustainable sources reach a larger share globally? That was the principal question during the opening of the 1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibres in Cologne, Germany. The conference highlighted not only the great challenges of the textile industry, but also the fact that circular flow in textiles is really starting to take off. A fully booked trade fair with 240 participants from 26 countries, the 1st International Conference on […]

Time to submit your application for this spring’s edition of A-match!

Do you have a really good business idea? Then don’t miss this opportunity! It’s now time again for the A-match investor event. After two successful events last year, paving the way for many new collaboration initiatives, we look forward to this spring’s edition, on 28 April. A-match is an investor event in Karlstad addressing entrepreneurs and investors throughout the country, with a focus on matchmaking. Commitment and willpower are of vital importance when ideas grow […]

Lightweight stud will make construction industry greener

The demands for climate-friendly materials and new solutions are on the rise. Wood Tube is a company that offers the construction and furniture industries a lightweight stud that can contribute to more sustainability. “We wanted to find ways to make better use of the forest resources,” says Kurt Härdig, one of the innovators behind Wood Tube. A few years ago, Kurt Härdig and Patrik Kämpe came into contact with the concept of attaching gypsum boards […]