A-match generated investment in green supermaterial

They first met at the A-match investor event in Karlstad. One year later, Ekman Group joined as a partner in Bright Day Graphene, one of Sting Bioeconomy’s incubator companies. That investment means that Bright Day Graphene can, already in the autumn of 2020, offer the first samples of green graphene to five selected customers, primarily in the energy storage and electronics businesses. A-match is an investor event in Karlstad addressing entrepreneurs and investors throughout the […]

Rottneros – the pulp mill of tomorrow

Our industry-cooperation partner Rottneros is the innovative pulp mill with a strong business mindset. We called them to talk about the cooperation with startup Biosorbe and their initiative Rottneros Packaging, which recently resulted in the introduction of unique moulded fibre trays for fresh food and takeaway.   Sting Bioeconomy cooperates with globally recognized industry partners such as Nordic Paper, Billerud Korsnäs and Rottneros. They provide startups with access to advanced test beds and invaluable contact networks. […]

Sweden’s green innovation power ramps up through national cooperation

RISE Processum. Foto: Jonas Forsberg

Värmland and the coastal regions of northern Sweden both have age-old and proud forestry traditions, generating strong innovation clusters in biorefinery and bioeconomy. Now the innovation power is being ramped up even more, as Sting Bioeconomy and RISE Processum launch a formal collaboration. We are making a concerted effort to promote forest innovations nationally, thereby strengthening Sweden’s position as a world leader in forest bioeconomy. Achieving the global climate targets requires an infrastructure that supports […]

Major initiative for commercial applications of green graphene

Bright Day Graphene and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) have received a SEK 2.5 million grant from Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency) in the Call for BioInnovation Hypothesis Testing Step 2, in order to develop applications of green graphene. Together with OptiPack, they will now study the potential of green graphene as a packaging barrier and, with Alfa Laval, explore the possibility of creating an antibacterial surface using a coating.  Bright Day Graphene, one of Sting Bioeconomy’s […]

ZiGrid turns waste heat into energy

ZiGrid is a company that utilizes a revolutionary technique to extract electric power out of low-temperature waste heat from energy production. In order to boost its business development, ZiGrid has now joined the Sting Bioeconomy community. The company’s solution has the potential to increase the world’s energy supply in an environmentally sound and cost-effective way, while also reducing the need for industrial cooling. Over 70 per cent of all the energy supplied for use by […]