Sting Bioeconomy’s new board of directors

Making use of their long experience from various industries, startups and leading positions in the business world, Sting Bioeconomy’s new board of directors will support the organization, taking it to the next level.
“It would be difficult to find a better team for the board than what we have now,” says Victor Isaksen, Sting Bioeconomy’s CEO.

It recently became clear that Charlotta Stenson, Pär Hedberg, Erik Stenberg and Håkan Spjuth are taking over the helm of Sting Bioeconomy’s board.

“We’ve been looking for a very competent and experienced board, with not only international networks and experience of building companies, but in particular familiarity with working alongside interesting startups – and that’s just what we’ve found now,” Victor Isaksen continues.

The people on the new board are all strong profiles in different fields, but they have one thing in common: experience of starting and running successful startups and companies.

All the members of the board currently hold leading positions in various businesses. Charlotta Stenson is the CEO of Bulldozer Communications Agency, Pär Hedberg is the founder and CEO of Sting in Stockholm, Erik Stenberg is the vice president of THQ Nordic, and Håkan Spjuth is the head of External Relations at Karlstad University.

Victor Isaksen, commenting on the new members of his board:

“Pär Hedberg may be the Swedish business executive with the most experience of creating growth in interesting startups in the Nordic countries. He’s been part of Sting’s amazing journey of supporting almost 300 exciting businesses – companies that are now important components of the country’s future.”

“To succeed in today’s tough market and make your voice heard through the noise, PR, marketing and branding are key competencies that no company can ignore. Charlotta Stenson has personal experience of running a startup, but also deep insight into what it takes to get your message through and create successful deals.”

“Money is always needed. Being in control of your finances while growing with new external investors is an important key in order for a startup to succeed. Erik Stenberg has made the trip from Nordic Games to THQ Nordic, which is a listed company where he has been the CFO. That experience is hard to beat.”

“Håkan Spjuth represents the academic network, but also has personal experience of starting and running startups. This means we have a complete team giving us the best possible conditions for Sting Bioeconomy to take the next step of our exciting journey!”