The Lignin For Future project wants to increase the opportunities for innovative SMEs in the bioeconomy to grow and implement their ideas, preferably linked to the raw material lignin. The offering is increasing thanks to an investment in a dryer for biomass, primarily lignin, and a developed collaboration in the innovation support system linked to LignoCity. Through collaborations involving several parties, the project has broad competence in supporting the target group to success, growth, market, and new establishments.

The project’s goal is to bring innovative startups to the region and through new research and innovation contribute to the developed competitiveness of, and expansion of, SMEs in northern Central Sweden. This will strengthen the companies’ competence, entrepreneurship, and ability to implement the climate transition.

Project coordinator: RISE LignoDemo AB

Project participants: RISE, Paper Province, Sting Bioeconomy and Närsam (Business collaboration in Kristinehamn)

Financier: European Regional Development Fund, Region Värmland and project partners.