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We support startups and business ideas in the field of bioeconomy, services or products that may, in one way or another, help us preserve the finite resources of our planet. We explain bioeconomy by saying it’s about blueberries and drones – and everything in between.

What we offer:

  • Facilitation
  • Business Development
  • Financial Engineering
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing, PR and Communication
  • Network & Community
  • Office Space
  • Startup Academy by Sting

As a partner of AWL THINGS, our companies are offered an opportunity to use office space at
AWL THINGS creative coworking space in Stockholm.


We support companies in the field of bioeconomy that aim to grow in an international market. Selected companies can receive support in business development, fundraising and internationalization. Together with our cooperation partners, Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth), Paper Province and selected industrial partners, we enable your company to achieve its goals.

We welcome startups and companies from Sweden as well as the rest of the world. We conduct a large part of our business virtually, but our base is in Karlstad, in the Swedish region of Värmland.


We are often asked why we’ve chosen to establish in Värmland. The answer is simple – here you’ll find everything needed for business development in the field of bioeconomy: a strong, global paper and pulp industry, a world-leading cluster in forest-based bioeconomy and a large number of world-class test beds.

First Evaluation Phase

Any company that has ideas in the field of bioeconomy is welcome to contact us. In this phase, we book a first meeting where the company or business case is presented, along with the team behind it. We also provide an introduction to what Sting Bioeconomy offers and how we work. If the impression is mutually positive, we’ll go on to the next phase. Companies and ideas not entering the Analysis Phase can get tips on where to turn for support in their business development.

Analysis Phase

In this phase we make a closer examination of the market, the technology and the team. If needed, we also engage one of our consultants; here it’s very much a matter of what’s required for your specific company. The phase lasts for a maximum of 100 days, naturally adapted to your company’s current status. Furthermore, we look ahead at the path you choose to follow in the next phase.

Growth Phase

When technology, market and team have been assessed in the Analysis Phase, it’s time to focus on growth, which we do during 12 months. This is the beginning of the activities in the direction you chose in the Analysis Phase: running the business as a startup, teaming up with an industrial partner or striving to sell the company or licensing the technology or similar to an existing company. Throughout this period, you have access to an appointed facilitator up to four hours a week. The contents of these 12 months are entirely dependent on the goal set by us together for your company. We help you get there.


Companies with great growth potential in the field of bioeconomy.

The Analysis Phase runs for three months.

The Expansion Phase runs for twelve months.

We regularly meet new companies and applications are made on a running basis.

Some examples of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Business development support.
  • Fundraising support.
  • Support in establishment in an international market.
  • Access to a facilitator up to four hours a week.
  • Access to Sting Bioeconomy’s network of industrial and financial partners.
  • Opportunities to connect with other companies that Sting Bioeconomy works with.

We want to enable more companies in similar situations to enjoy our services. We therefore charge a pay-it-forward fee rendering us the option to subscribe for a 3% share of the company.


In collaboration with Sting we offer a digital course – Sting Startup Academy.

Sting Startup Academy is a collection of experience and expertise gathered from some of Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs in a digital crash course intended to equip aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startup Academy is built for entrepreneurs who are taking the very first steps on their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Startup Academy is built for entrepreneurs who are taking the very first steps on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • A tailored online program. The academy will give you a solid foundation, tools, techniques, and the expertise you’re going to need to bring your concept to reality.
  • The course has 7 core modules. Each has five masterclasses, followed by Sting’s playbook, assignments, and quizzes.

    Read more about Startup Academy