Coffee sacks and sawdust come to life again – as outdoor products

Outdoor equipment company Melker of Sweden introduces new collaboration to take their product range to new sustainable heights.

Through close collaboration with coffee producer Löfbergs, power and automation giant ABB, wood supplier Moelven and forestry/paper producer Stora Enso, Melker of Sweden has developed a unique model where the products are locally produced with robot-based large-scale additive manufacturing (3D printing). The products are based on local and bio-based residual products such as Moelven’s sawdust and Löfberg’s discarded coffee-bean sacks, and are printed using ABB’s 3D printer.

Pelle Stafshede shows the first 3D-printed longboard made from Löfberg’s used coffee-bean sacks.

In addition, the products can be completely recycled into new products, tailored to specific needs.

“Everyone doesn’t look the same and everyone has a different starting point, so with our unique ecosystem and production method we can satisfy all target groups with customized products – in a complete loop,” says Melker’s CEO and creative director Pelle Stafshede.

A common goal

It is a fact that we all need to contribute to a more sustainable world. And doing it together is a good way to make that happen.

“I’m especially proud to have taken this initiative jointly with these giants. We do it together because this type of circular solutions must be put in place – and now is the time,” Pelle Stafshede adds.

Susanne Timsjö of ABB explains why the company wants to be part of new sustainable solutions.

Löfbergs has worked actively on sustainability for many years, both in the coffee-growing countries and at home, and ABB today focuses on reducing waste. Together with Melker of Sweden, they are now also part of a new generation of sustainable outdoor products.

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