Eighth edition of A-match

When the eighth edition of the investor forum A-match took place, around 65 investors from Norway and Sweden gathered to experience presentations from eight selected startups that were given the chance to showcase tomorrow’s business ideas.

The companies’ areas of operation ranged from boating, new materials, and products to health and safety. The companies that presented and showcased their ideas were EcoPals, eRayzer, Hejmas, Inshore, MeWeAndYou, Nature Station, RecorDr, and Swöm.

Göran Brandt, CEO Inshore

Wonderful experience

“It was a wonderful experience to be a part of; in a way, it became very tangible regarding what one is involved in. When you get tangled up in your own business, it can be easy to forget about the outside world. Through the preparations for A-match, I received help to peel away things that aren’t as relevant to others as they are to me,” said Göran Brandt, founder and CEO of Inshore.

Amanda Wiik, founder and CEO of Nature Station, had a similar kind of experience.

“The entire event was very developmental, especially because it provided an opportunity to enhance our pitching skills in a professional setting. There was a great energy where everyone cheered each other on; it was evident that it wasn’t a competition but a space where we aimed to uplift one another, incredibly inspiring,” said Amanda Wiik.

Amanda Wiik, CEO Nature Station

Health rooms

Nature Station has developed health rooms that bring the health effects of nature to people who cannot venture outdoors. These rooms allow individuals to experience nature through all senses and serve as a place for recovery, walks, and digital meetings.

“Walk-and-talk meetings integrated with Teams, voice-controlled note-taking, and AI assistance. We’ve received very positive feedback when people get to try it out; that’s when you truly understand the value. Right now, we have two prototypes and a bunch of interested customers. The next step is pilot projects to measure the room’s effects and market introduction,” said Amanda Wiik.’

A unique sailboat

Inshore has created a unique sailboat with a concave hull that allows the keel to be “hidden”. These sailboats become fast, easy to handle, and simple to manage. With a foldable mast, lift-and-lower keel with a bulb, and rudder, handling, transporting, and launching an Inshore becomes straightforward.

“The idea has been brewing throughout life, but it became a serious possibility through 3D modeling and 3D printing,” said Göran Brandt, who now hopes for funding to start production.

Constructing a full-scale sailboat required fiberglass, but Göran Brandt and Inshore have long looked towards biobased materials, with the hottest prospect being a material based on linen.

A-match Play launched

A-match is the investor forum where you meet well-prepared companies that present tomorrow’s business ideas with short pitches. Starting May 17th, you can view the