Investment to spark next step for Fibu

With backing from the global business facilitator Elof Hansson Holding, Fibu is ready to accelerate the business development to get their renewable and biodegradable wood fiber foam to a global market. – “This is a great opportunity for us”, says Majid Alimadadi, CEO, and co-founder of Fibu AB.

Fibu’s wood fiber foam springs from extensive research and development and a value driven mission to reduce plastic pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions. Wood fiber foam has several applications in, e.g., packaging, construction, and furniture industries.“But initially our focus has been just packaging applications”, adds Majid.

“The material is made of renewable raw materials and is fully biodegradable, produced without using any harmful chemicals.”

“This is a great opportunity for us. With their extensive experience in forest products, Elof Hansson is a very good fit for us. From our perspective when bringing in an investor, it is not just the money that matters. With Elof Hansson we secure the access to raw materials as well as the possibility to bring our products to a large, global market”, says Majid.

“Investing in Fibu aligns well with Elof Hansson’s growth strategy to expand our offering with focus on sustainability and we are excited about supporting Fibu’s commercialization”, says Staffan Nordin, Director Business Development Elof Hansson Group.

At this point Fibu has already proven their protective packaging applications made from wood fiber foam commercially viable as the products are sold through e-commerce and directly to customers.

“The plan for the upcoming year is to go to the market in a larger scale. We have dialogues with several companies, large and small, with various packaging needs that we can fulfil. We also have an exciting discussion with an international well-known brand”, says Majid.

Fibu and Sting Bioeconomy have worked together this past year, and the collaboration has been vital for the business development.

“Sting Bioeconomy has been very helpful with getting us in contact with the right partners at the right time”, Majid continues.

Sting Bioeconomy supports businesses and ideas based on sustainability and promoting the use of renewable resources.

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