Victor Isaksen
Managing Director

Peter Sassner
Business Analysis Manager

Britt Lööv
Business Development

Martin Sjöstrand
Business Development

Per Fredriksson
Business Development

Erik Öhrner
Media & Communications Strategy

Torbjörn Trelsmo
Business Development

Simon Sendowski

Named the best startup accelerator in the World, Sting has contributed to the development of over 300 companies.
Paper Province is a world-leading business cluster within the forest bio-economy. Paper Province are owned and operated by more than 120 member companies. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, but connected world wide.
Almi offers business development and financing to companies that want to grow and develop.
Studio Nyström is owned and operated by Oskar Nyström. Oskar has a background in music, stage performances and journalism.
The Nuttery is an awardwinning entertainment company, working with communication strategies, animation and gaming production.
Lyxell is a small niche firm that loves to make business law simple - regardless of the size of the company!ness law.
Bulldozer is a communications agency that uses creativity to help people gain new insights. As a national agency in the countryside, it is as obvious to us to take part in the latest in AI and tech as to film a campaign for local small business owners.
Textdoktorn examines and cures texts. Produces new healthy products. Provides training in text health care.