Milestone is reached as Wood Tube enters the construction trade

Wood Tube’s paper studs have now reached the shelves of construction stores, marking an important step towards establishing a more environmentally friendly alternative for building.
– It is crucial for us to get the product into the market. We can tell that many builders are curious and eager to try it out, says Tobias Söderbom Olsson.

While Wood Tube is now available in stores primarily targeting professional customers such as carpenters and construction companies, the paper studs are also accessible to curious individuals. Currently, Wood Tube can be found at Beijer, Nordströmsgruppen, and Optimera.

Tobias Söderbom Olsson

– It is an amazing feeling to see our products in stores. It serves as confirmation that it is for real. We want all builders to be aware of our product, and this is an important step in that direction, says Tobias Söderbom Olsson.

The dialogue with the construction trade has been ongoing for several years, but the product could only become a reality once production began in Säffle.

– Before that, our capacity was limited. Now we have significantly greater possibilities, which is a prerequisite for occupying shelf space in the market. We have already visited many stores, and it is important for us to meet and educate their salespeople on how to use the product so they, in turn, can answer builders’ questions, says Tobias Söderbom Olsson.

Furthermore, there is evidence of opportunities and willingness to use Wood Tube’s paper studs on a larger scale. ED Bygg Sverige has constructed 106 apartments for Stångåstaden, Linköping’s largest housing company. The goal of that project is to achieve the environmental certification “Miljöbyggnad guld” (gold) and Wood Tube’s paper studs are an important part of the construction’s objective to minimize CO2 emissions. Tobias Söderbom Olsson himself has been present in Linköping during the work.

– There are many apartments, so it’s impressive to see. Our product contributes to reducing emissions throughout the project, but it is also rewarding to hear that both builders and carpenters enjoy working with the material. The paper studs are easy to carry and handle, and they do not cause cuts. It is important for us to contribute to a better working environment, he says.

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