The company behind the health rooms of tomorrow joins Sting Bioeconomy

Nature Station is developing the health rooms of torrow designed for walk’n talks in the nature. The rooms, in the form of pods of various sizes, allow users to walk through different natural environments surrounded by wind, sound, light, scent, and video synchronized to the user’s movement. These scalable rooms are also equipped with Teams, transcription, and AI assistance to make taking a walking meeting in nature easier than a sitting one.

Ida Funeland, Amada Wiik och Jesper Lindh, Nature Station.

New guidelines from WHO

Recent increased research on how nature affects our health has led the World Health Organization (WHO) to publish new recommendations. Nature is an important health resource to address three of the most prominent public health problems – sedentary lifestyle, stress, and mental illness.

Based on the research on artificial natural environments, Nature Station has then explored how to make these effects more accessible in everyday life.

Today, the majority of the world’s population does not have access to nature. In the megacity of Tokyo, the problem is palpable. There, people are bussed out to green areas because the stress issue is so significant. The health rooms can bring the health effects of nature to people when people cannot get to nature.

Workplaces can integrate wellness into daily work

Each sensory stimulus has been selected based on what has shown the greatest effect in terms of stress reduction, cognitive improvement, mental health, and immune system. The nature experience is then linked to the user’s movement on a treadmill. In the rooms, users can connect to digital walking meetings with voice-controlled note-taking and AI assistance to summarize meeting notes. In this way, workplaces can integrate physical activity and recovery into daily work.

– Today, we go to a job where we sit still for 7, 8, or 9 hours, and people are more stressed than ever. We want to help create a work life that promotes health instead, says Amanda Wikk, CEO of Nature Station.

– We are very excited that Nature Station wants to work with us. Their unique way of combining technology and knowledge impresses. We look forward to an exciting journey together, says Victor Isaksen, CEO of Sting Bioeconomy.

Two prototypes at Epicenter

Together with pilot customer Epicenter, two prototypes were launched at the end of 2023.

– With our central location, it is incredibly valuable to be able to offer our members the benefits of nature. This is a prime example of innovation, which is something we constantly promote here at Epicenter, says, Marketing Manager of Epicenter.

The company now joins Sting Bioeconomy to expand its network and take the next step.

– We want to broaden our network. Working with Sting Bioeconomy gives us access to valuable experience in financing solutions, recruitment, and the international market, says Amanda Wiik, CEO of Nature Station

Two prototypes of the multisensory health room is installed at Epicenter Stockholm.
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