Visibla makes circular trade easy for the engineering industry

In the engineering industry, there is almost always leftover material, despite careful handling of purchases and waste. Often, these residual materials are of high quality and end up sitting in storage – materials that other companies are actively seeking. With its smart and simple business idea, Visibla has created a secondary market for trading leftover materials between companies’ inventories. The trade is now in full swing on the platform, where registered engineering companies can buy and sell inventory materials.

– With, we utilize these leftover resources by allowing engineering companies to showcase them in their respective inventories and make them available for sale. Our platform offers sellers an opportunity to increase their margins while buyers enjoy better prices and significantly shorter delivery times,” says Cecilia Ågren, Co-Founder Visibla.

– As a subcontractor, it’s easy to accumulate materials on the shelf. Visibla has become the perfect trading platform to sell these items that tie up liquidity and storage space. The sales and payment process has been quick and smooth. I recommend other companies create a user profile on to test the engineering industry’s own secondary market,” says Erik Nystedt, Vice VD på Grönlunds Plåt AB.

Watch Visibla’s instructional video on why and how contributes to a circular engineering industry.

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