Bowter to launch subscription service for electric boats

With the new subscription service, Bowter Flow, the innovative electric boats from Bowter will be more available and give the users more freedom on the water.

– A service that targets permanent residents, rather than tourists, says Jonas Ulveseth, CEO & Co-founder, Bowter.

With the fully automated solution from Bowter anyone can get access to an electric boat that always is fully charged. Now the concept has developed to meet the needs of the people that want to be out on the Swedish lakes more regularly.

– The possibility to rent the boats hour by hour will still be available, with Bowter Flow we will add a freer way of using the boats. With a subscription you will have two slots available for booking – one within the nearest 48 hours and one available from 48 hours forward. And when you’re done with today’s boat ride you can book your next trip right away, says Jonas Ulveseth.

The Swedish boat season is here and when it kicks off Bowter Flow will be available in the cities of Karlstad, Arvika and Sigtuna.

– More cities are on their way in and will be available soon, says Jonas Ulveseth.

– A service that appeals more to the permanent residents close to water rather than tourist that are exploring a new city. It also gives the business that handles the boat rentals more predictability and many will choose to have at least one boat designated to Bowter Flow.

Now when the boating season in Sweden is ready to kick off, Bowter will also take in older boats to restore and convert to electric boats.

– We have a system and arrangement that works, it is exciting to reuse older boats and electrify them. And if you have an older boat that is out of use and donate it to Bowter you will get a subscription to Bowter Flow. We are super excited for the season; we get a lot of interest and are hiring ongoing.

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