Fernandi Innovation turns food packaging inside out

By thinking outside the box and turning food packaging inside out – quite literally – Fernandi Innovation has created FERNANDIPAC™. A biobased, fossil-free, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging solution to minimize plastic particles in food. The company has now joined Sting Bioeconomy’s Growth Program.

“For me, it all started with a strong vision of being able to package food without it coming into contact with plastic,” says Carl-Henric Fernandi, CEO, and founder of Fernandi Innovation.

That vision has led Fernandi Innovation to develop a patented packaging solution currently focused on the food industry, but with significant potential in other sectors.

“We’re reversing the material, instead of having barriers against the food, we have it on the outside. Thanks to finding a solution with paper that is tight and resistant to various foods and takes a long time to penetrate. We have designed a material that is biobased to 98 percent, both recyclable and biodegradable. The same functionality is achieved without using plastic because the inherent properties of the paper are used as a barrier,” explains Carl-Henric Fernandi and continues:

“The invention and material composition provide an advantage with lighter packaging and about 35 percent material savings. Furthermore, up to 65 percent of the barrier material can be reduced while maintaining properties. This makes the packaging cost-effective.”

Collaborations with entities like Paper Province and Kalmar Science Park have been crucial along the way. Now, Fernandi Innovation is also stepping into Sting Bioeconomy’s Growth Program.

“Through Sting Bioeconomy, we will receive an important boost, including business advice and access to a vital network. We will also have closer contact with key stakeholders such as brand owners, the forestry industry, material manufacturers, and other relevant companies in Värmland. It’s a natural step for us,” says Carl-Henric Fernandi.

“We are very pleased that Fernandi Innovation wants to work with us, and we look forward to an exciting journey together. It is a packaging solution with properties that align well with our visions,” says Victor Isaksen, CEO, Sting Bioeconomy.

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