Global Brand Invests in Yangi from the Loop Factory

From the sustainability-focused innovation company – the Loop Factory – Yangi has emerged. Specializing in sustainable packaging technology, Yangi has attracted renowned global brands and technology companies as partners and investors. Notable collaborators include Chanel and Voith.

“Chanel is a company with very high standards when it comes to quality, and their decision to invest in our business demonstrates the trust they have in our mission,” says Anna Altner, the founder of Yangi and the parent company, the Loop Factory.

Anna Altner was in search of a work environment that offered freedom, where decisions could be made swiftly, and where ideas could be transformed into reality.

Focus on climate-smart innovations

“I wanted to reach my full potential and concentrate on environmentally conscious innovations. I aimed to create a setting that would facilitate rapid innovation in a broadminded context,” explains Anna Altner, outlining the background of the Loop Factory.

The Loop Factory, with its focus on innovation and sustainability, has undertaken numerous projects in collaboration with a broad range of partners to connect value chains. As part of this initiative, an opportunity arose to acquire a discontinued pilot project for producing cellulosic fibers in a resource-efficient and innovative manner.

“We worked on this project within the framework of the Loop Factory and were able to develop the technology and business model to make our idea viable. You could say we’ve been our own incubator,” Anna Altner elaborates.

Yangi in a commercialization phase

The purchased pilot project has evolved into a strong brand and business concept of its own – Yangi – with 26 employees. Yangi is now in a commercialization phase, where the products sold to end customers include packaging machinery, as well as expertise and material solutions. Yangi’s packaging technology is entirely bio-based and requires no water, reducing costs and saving up to 75% in energy consumption. This product has the potential to replace injection-molded and thermoformed plastics and given the increasing interest of many companies in transitioning to green packaging solutions, there is substantial potential for growth.

Investment from Chanel

One of the entities that has recognized the potential of Yangi’s solutions is the global brand, Chanel.

“It’s one of the many collaborations we have, and it’s a fantastic brand. Chanel is known for its exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality, and their decision to invest reflects the trust they have in us, backed by a long-standing partnership. As far as I know, we are the only Swedish company that Chanel has invested in,” Anna Altner says, while also highlighting other significant investors:

“Voith, for instance – having a strong and established technology player in our industry, located early in the value chain, has been essential for us. We have a good mix of investors, and we’ve had the opportunity to scale at a steady pace.”

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