Happie Camp starts a franchise concept to offer eco-tourism on a larger scale

After five years with three glamping locations in the stunning Värmland nature, Happie Camp is ready to expand to the southern parts of Sweden, Småland, with a new franchise concept.

In the summer of 2022, the recently started Södra Ädla, a subsidiary company to the forest owners’ association Södra, together with a number of angel investors became partners to Happie Nation – the company behind the nature glamping concept Happie Camp.

The new partnership aims to offer more forest owners the possibility to make their most beautiful spots available to the public in a comfortable and sustainable way. The Happie Camps new franchise concept will also give small business owners in rural and sparsely populated areas the opportunity to run world-class and quality-assured eco-tourism.

When the season of 2023 kicks off, Happie Camp, via the franchise concept, will rise two tents in two new locations in Småland, near Store Mosse Nationalpark and Åsnens Nationalpark.

“We are so happy that we’ve been receiving a lot of positive responses through our contacts in connection to the new locations. With that we look forward to greeting new guests to the spectacular nature, and exploring the southern parts of Sweden even more together with new franchisees, landowners, and partners”, says Staffan Svantesson, CEO and founder of Happie Nation AB.

“With Happie Camp, the members of Södra will be given more opportunities to create value for their forestry. We’re excited to see the business expand, and hopefully, we can offer this concept to our members on a broader scale in a near future”, says Eric Bengtson Investment Manager, Södra Ädla.

Happie Campt offers a network of simple and comfortable accommodations close to nature. The purpose of our Happie Camps is to make it easier for people to get out and enjoy nature undisturbed, alone, or in good company.

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