HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies of Canada joining Sting Bioeconomy’s Growth Program

The Canadian company, HEJMAS Agrifibre Technologies (HEJMAS), has joined Sting Bioeconomy’s Growth Program. With its patented, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economical process for producing medical-grade pulp from field waste instead of trees, HEJMAS will establish themselves in Sweden in early 2024.

Joining Sting Bioeconomy’s growth program will enable Hejmas access to mission-critical test facilities and to a vast Swedish expertise and an innovation culture. As part of the process, Hejmas will relocate their headquarters to Karlstad, Sweden.

“We extend a warm welcome to Hejmas and look forward to working with them. This agreement with Hejmas, early in our pilot program with non-Swedish start-ups, will boost our international expansion plans – our first with a Canadian company and the beginning of many global collaborations.”, says Martin Sjöstrand, Business Coach at Sting Bioeconomy

“We were scanning the world for innovative countries and incubators that could best support us in our journey to commercialize our solution. We saw that the Nordics and specifically Sweden, being at the forefront of bioeconomy, would be the ideal home for us. Sting Bioeconomy is positioned to be an ideal partner; we are excited to collaborate with their team.”, says Marek Hejduk, CEO of HEJMAS


Eighth edition of A-match

When the eighth edition of the investor forum A-match took place, around 65 investors from Norway and Sweden gathered to experience presentations from eight selected