Rottneros and KAPSU develop new fibre-based solution for beverages

Our incubator company KAPSU has started cooperating with pulp producer Rottneros, in order to develop and produce a completely new, non-plastic packaging solution for beverages. The packaging will be made completely of fibres from local certified forests.

The goal is for the innovation to pave the way for competitive non-plastic solutions in the beverage industry and contribute to solving the global environmental challenge. The packaging innovation in which Rottneros is involved will be manufactured completely of fibres from local certified forests.

The whole solution is a system consisting of three parts: a stainless steel bottle, a fibre container containing the beverage mix, and KAPSU’s own lid technology. The container will be made by Rottneros Packaging.

Non-plastic beverage industry

KAPSU’s vision is to eliminate plastics from the beverage industry, while also reducing transport costs and unnecessary waste – without compromising taste.

Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO of Rottneros.

“The new product will be part of KAPSU’s innovative system and the first of its kind that’s completely free of plastics. It’s very encouraging to see how our knowledge of moulded fibres can be used in several applications. Cooperating with KAPSU increases our reach and is another expression of our aspiration to contribute to development through collaboration projects. We’re very happy to offer KAPSU an opportunity to continue the development of their excellent idea into a sustainable innovation,” says Rottneros CEO Lennart Eberleh, in a press release.

“Our cooperation with Rottneros in this critical phase of our development journey is crucial: they have knowledge of the industry and resources to develop the perfect solution for our system. KAPSU’s system will be as beneficial to the consumer as to the environment, thanks to the expertise of Rottneros,” says Carlos Perdomo, CEO of KAPSU.

Support from Sting Bioeconomy

Sting Bioeconomy supports the development of the new packaging solution by providing KAPSU with counselling and business development.

”We’re very pleased that our fine cooperation with Rottneros has given one of our startups further opportunities to find a partner. Rottneros ensures vital competence in the creation of a critical component in KAPSU’s groundbreaking concept, which may revolutionize the beverage industry,” says Sting Bioeconomy’s CEO Victor Isaksen.

KAPSU has also received support from Paper Province, Region Värmland and government-owned business promoter ALMI Värmland in order to realize its innovation.

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