Substantial EU funding and nomination to Engineering Award

When Skanska presents the Big Engineering Award, ZIGRID is one of the companies nominated in the sustainability category. At the same time, ZIGRID, as one of two Swedish companies, will receive EU support within the framework of the EIC Accelerator program in the coming years.

Right now, there are many reasons to celebrate within the ZIGRID team.

“It feels inspiring, and it is a confirmation that we are doing many things right and that we are doing something important when it comes to the climate,” says Lars Birging, CEO of ZIGRID AB.

The winner of the Big Engineering Award (Stora Ingenjörspriset) in the sustainability category, awarded by Skanska, “…can be an engineering individual or a small team with a predominance of engineering expertise. Individuals who are passionate about the climate issue, innovative, and want to change the world we live in in a sustainable way.”

This description truly fits the solution that ZIGRID has developed. An innovation that generates electricity from waste heat and can significantly reduce CO2 emissions for industries and power production plants.

“It feels great that we are highlighted as an example, along with other companies, as those who can contribute to making a change. We can be one piece to the puzzle, and others contribute with more equally important pieces,” says Lars Birging.

Substantial EU funding

In addition to the prestigious nomination for the Big Engineering Award, good news is piling up for ZIGRID. The company can look forward to significant EU support within the framework of the EIC Accelerator program. This involves 2.5 million Euros over the next two years. Now final negotiations with EIC are taking place, and an agreement is expected to be signed in December.

“This allows us to accelerate the pace when it comes to the green transition,” says Lars Birging, who can also rejoice over the successful installation of his equipment in actual production for the first time.

“We have started, and now we take it step by step. It is crucial for us to be able to continue developing.”

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