The company behind a unique fiberboard joins Sting Bioeconomy

The Norwegian company Scandinavian Fibre Board has been developing an innovative fiberboard for a long time, and now the company is seeking a long-term producer for the product. To achieve this, the company is joining Sting Bioeconomy’s Growth Program.

The unique and natural fiberboards developed by Scandinavian Fibre Board are significantly stronger in relation to their weight compared to alternatives on the market. And thanks to the product being adhesive-free, its carbon footprint is 95% lower than that of conventional fiberboards. The product can be used in furniture, interior design, and building construction – and with its unique properties, it is ready to revolutionize the industry.

– We are very excited that Scandinavian Fibre Board wants to work with us. We are impressed by their unique technology and the team’s high expertise. They offer a new method of utilizing forest resources in a smart way, across various application areas. We look forward to an exciting journey together, says Victor Isaksen, CEO of Sting Bioeconomy.

– As a company, we are ready to take the next step, and joining Sting Bioeconomy is the right move. We, as the company owners, are more focused on development and do not have the expertise required to establish and operate a production facility. We are currently working to bring in a partner who can take the operation to the market, says Lars Atterfors, co-owner of Scandinavian Fibre Board.

The fiberboard has been developed over a long period and is patented. The product utilizes the fine properties found in wood fiber, and the production process resembles that of newsprint. This allows many existing factories to take on the production.

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