Wood Tube important part of record construction in Malmö

Wood Tube’s innovative studs made of recycled paper are now present in record constructions both within and outside Sweden’s borders.

– We’ve had the opportunity to be involved in several great and exciting projects, says Tobias Söderbom Olsson, CEO of Wood Tube.

Production at the factory in Säffle kicked off in 2023. Since then, Wood Tube has been involved in around 40 projects of varying sizes, ranging from small pilot projects to large constructions for apartments and offices.

– We had the opportunity to be a part of Fyrtornet in Malmö, which is Sweden’s largest office building made of wood. A very impressive project, says Tobias Söderblom Olsson.

– This feels big, important, and entirely right. Within Optimera, we are eager to connect with smart, sustainable solutions from innovative companies like Wood Tube. We really want them to succeed and get their business going; it benefits everyone, and with larger volumes, the price tag of these products is also affected, says Henrik Björk, sustainability manager at Optimera.

Wood Tube’s studs are now available in both Norway and Denmark

Despite recent negative forecasts surrounding the construction industry, Tobias Olsson Söderbom views the opportunity for development and growth for the company positively.

– Now that there’s slightly less construction happening, there’s more time in each project, which means more opportunities for exploring new solutions and evaluating whether to try something new. For us, this is something positive and something we really notice.

As Wood Tube expands and develops its operations, it has become natural to move towards new markets. This means that Wood Tube’s studs are now available in both Norway and Denmark.

– It was natural to look towards the rest of Scandinavia. In Denmark we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in an exciting project as the country’s tallest wooden house is being built. Then we’re also looking towards the Netherlands, where they’re very open to innovation.

The product development has not come to a halt

Even though Wood Tube’s studs have proven themselves in the market, product development has not come to a halt, while the company remains open to investors to further accelerate its establishment.

– It’s about finding opportunities for our product to be used in more types of constructions. Like exterior walls, for example, which require different types of product properties, not least because there are entirely different demands to withstand moisture.

At the same time, it’s with the same underlying principle that the development is driven forward. To offer a product that ticks all the boxes for what is required technically, while also resulting in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and creating a better working environment for people working on construction sites.

– The light weight of the Wood Tube studs is a recurring positive feedback we receive; additionally, the studs are easy to cut, have no sharp edges, and contribute to a lower noise level during cutting are further advantages.

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